Teye™ Instruments



Teye’s guitars and basses are works of art.

Don’t let this fool you: underneath all that beauty they are fantastic sounding and playing instruments that were designed by a full-pro player*. Super-resonant body designs. Carefully hand-made proprietary hardware and electronics. All passive. All organic. All real, no digital modeling or batteries involved. Their incredible versatility not a gimmick, but a musician’s tool of expression.

Teye’s guitars routinely win direct A/B comparisons with the most venerable of vintage guitars and basses. A few quotes: “Better than my ’64 Strat.” “Better than my sweetest ’57 Gold-top.”  “Your guitars have jumped straight to the top of my extensive vintage collection.”

Rich Robinson. Mick Taylor. Zac Brown. Juanse. All respectable stars who are being offered freebies by the big companies but prefer to pay for their Teyes.

GUITARS                                 BASSES


 *Teye has enjoyed a full-professional career as a guitarist spanning almost a quarter of a century and several different styles ranging from flamenco to experimental. He has toured the world, sharing the stage with artists ranging from Joe Ely, Dwight Yoakam and Bruce Springsteen to Carmen Cortes and Estefania Cuevas, and his playing can be found on several dozen CD releases, among them his three flamenco solo albums.


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