The Teye “Coyote” guitar:

“When I looked closely at the design of my Custom Shop guitars and separated in my mind the luxurious aspects from the essential elements, a plan was born to make a different guitar with all of the Teye-features but made with efficient use of modern production technology.

The plan involved a more efficient method of construction paired with an easier-to-apply finish, coupled to a better way of assembling the electronic components. A guitar 100% Made-In-USA, with that ‘Old-World flavor’, designed with a sleek build process in mind.

Here she is! Called the ‘Coyote’, she is the first of my new USA-series of instruments and she’s bound to conquer your heart just like she conquered mine.

I’m very proud of her!”

Teye, Austin Texas, January 2014










(below: Coyote in Custom Shop attire, hand-rubbed oil finish, Lollar pick-ups, with a gorgeous sunburst maple cap)


(the new Coyote headplate, with direct access to the truss rod, and with the new style Teye-logo)


Coyote specs:

  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Bound Maple cap
  • 24-fret bound Ebony fingerboard with the Teye-inlay
  • Two special wind DiMarzio humbuckers
  • Proprietary fine-tuned Teye electronics with the full four-knob A-series control panel
  • Proprietary Teye A-series hand-made Supre-bridge
  • Proprietary Teye hand-made tailpiece
  • Two distinctive custom etched aluminum body plates
  • Distinctive custom etched aluminum headstock plate with direct truss-rod access
  • Custom aluminum rear plate
  • Proprietary Teye volume and tone knobs, and ditto switch tip
  • Grover Imperial Rotomatic tuners
  • Korian nut
  • Sprayed finish
  • Case included


If you are serious about your Tone, you owe it to yourself to try one out.
Available as USA-series in many colors, and in Custom Shop attire.
The Custom Shop Coyotes are made alongside all my other Custom Shop instruments in my Austin Texas workshop and use a pair of special wound Jason Lollar pickups plus my hand-rubbed oil/shellac/mineral finish in Shipwreck look.



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